Our partnership consists of 4 physical therapists: A.J. van Duijn, A.N. de Jong, T.T. Liem and R.R. Winters. Our practice is situated in a professionally designed space and we have agreements with all health care insurers. All therapists are registered therapists, a mark of quality. Our approach consists of an intake and physical examination. In consultation with you, followed by therapeutic action and/or training of posture and locomotor apparatus, often supported by health information and preventative measures. We can also offer mobility programmes to keep the consequences of chronic disorders such as diabetes mellitus, circulation disorders or heart/lung function defects as limited as possible. Our specialisation and expertise can be made optimal use of.



Laan van Meerdervoort 176

2517 BH Den Haag

tel. 070-3608558

fax 070-3609764