Medical training Centre Statenkwartier


We are Carlijn Risselada, Renske van der Berg and Thijs Risselada. Our practice is situated in the Statenkwartier Health Centre. In addition to our practice, the health centre has four family doctors, a dietician, a podologist, a pharmacy and a psychologist. The Bronovo Hospital has an orthopaedic surgeon, neurologist, pediatrician, obstetrician, cardiologist and an internist. Once a week these specialists give consultations in the health centre. Other specialists intend to have office hours with us once a month. All disciplines are situated on one floor. The lines to the family doctors and specialists are very short. There is one joint waiting room. Patients can register at the front-office and there is parking space for the patients.

Medical training Centre Statenkwartier


Gezondheidscentrum Statenkwartier

President Kennedylaan 15

2517 JK Den Haag



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